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Olwel is an integrated healthcare service delivery platform that combines a web application, an EHR (Electronic Health Record), a call center, mobile applications, and an automated dispatch system based on geo-mapping to provide doorstep healthcare services for homebound patients.

Olwel is a Finland based startup company which is one of the fastest-growing Health IT startups in Bangladesh. DSi has been the developing partner of Olwel. Olwel application was developed with the aim to provide essential doorstep healthcare services for patients who prefer to receive medical consultation at the comfort of their home. It is an ideal solution for homebound patients and patients with disabilities. This innovative service platform connects qualified and trained general practitioners with patients so the service can be delivered directly to the patient's home. The Olwel application offers real-time coordination between a dispatched doctor, the patient, and the medical operator. There is a lot of data that flows between the doctor app, patient app, central server, and the medical operator console which needs to be processed in real-time.

Key Features
  • Facilitate appointments between the doctor and patients, both online and physical
  • Provide online audio-video consultation between doctor and patient, through the two apps and the central server
  • Connect the patient with the nearest doctor using geo-spatial mapping, for consultation at the patients home
  • Coordinate the doctor visit to the patient home in minute detail in real-time, letting the medical operator observe the full process
  • Act as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for patients