Team Augmentation

Scalable and agile teams, reduced overhead



We schedule sessions to determine your business goals and strategic requirements


Team assembly

We assemble a team from our rich resource pool of highly skilled dedicated software engineers


Project kick-off

Your team starts working for you with maximum competency from day one


Scale up

Your product grows and so does your team - seamlessly. We can scale up readily and consistently

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NDA covered if needed

Any special subtleties can be covered in an NDA, and the customer retains complete IP rights.

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Full transparency

Our team follows a unique delivery framework: consistent, predictable, and transparent. We give you more information and provide full visibility at all times.

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Reduce Overhead

Forget the painstaking processes of hiring and managing resources, let alone the cost of all of it! We hire the best talents in the industry and maintain a rich pool of skilled resources to meet any augmentation demands.

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Low turnovers

Our developers tend to stay in for the long haul. This limits the possibilities of staff changes on your project and the need to constantly onboard new people.

End-To-End Development

Realize your dream projects - readily and efficiently


Set goals

After the discovery, we conduct a detailed research and set the roadmap towards a common goal



Our skillful design team helps you visualize and prototype your project at a very early stage


Develop & test

We start development with you having the full control and the ability to move back and forth easily



We stay with you as long as you need our assistance even after the project completion

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We take project ownership and responsibility for decisions that were taken during the development

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Commitment to results

The success of your projects is the only metric that really matters to us

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Focus on your success

Our business strategy is simple: if our customers' business is booming, we are growing too

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We highly advocate industry proven Scrum development which allows us to ensure our clients have full control over the process.


Harness global resources, bridge the knowledge gap

If you are looking for a mentor or a small team of experienced senior professionals who can lead your team to your desired goal - DSi is happy to lend you a hand. Here in DSi, we have industry leading brains who are extremely adept at solving complex problems. Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience in solving problems regarding scalability or performance in large scale applications for the government or other IT companies. Just let us know your challenge and we will arrange a meeting for you with our specific expert in that domain.

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Software Architecture

This is our strong suit. We have already built multiple government level projects with highly scalable, distributed and fault tolerant architecture designed by our in-house experts

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Development Strategy

Developing software for more than two decades we had enough time to try out many available software development strategies and figured out our way to the most nimble and fail-safe one. You can just keep your existing engineering team and hire the lead engineers from us to max out the performance

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Business is booming all of a sudden? It’s quite to normal if your software is struggling to keep up with the demand. We specialize in re-structuring and optimizing for smooth scalability. Reach out to us to get a consultant looking into your scalability needs.