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UX Design
Simple, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing!

UX Design is concerned with how the users interact with an application. Designing a personalized solution requires intuitively understanding users’ needs and accurately rendering these requirements into the design aesthetics of the application. We, here at DSi offer coherent user-centric solutions that deliver tangible business results by increasing customer utilization. We are able to blend industry-standard best practices with innovative ideas - driving a collaborative effort together with the client to design a unique solution. We are capable of designing international-standard solutions that provide a seamless experience across the user journey, powered by intuitive design and robust backend integrations. Our expert team prepares high-quality sketches very early in the development stage which is then perfected gradually through continuous user feedback.

UX design is an extremely varied discipline, combining aspects from architecture, business analysis, market research, graphics design, and technology, and many more. This understanding is reflected in our UI/UX team composition that boasts highly skilled and experienced architects, UX engineers, designers, and even people with professional experience in photography! Our simplistic but highly useful solutions are specifically designed for a smooth user onboarding experience.  We have helped clients boost the credibility of their solutions while maintaining high accessibility and usability standards.

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Embedded System Design
Digital Verification and Protocol Design for Semiconductor Devices

DSi provides turnkey design verification testing using SystemVerilog and UVM that enables efficient test case development. We have in-depth expertise in the validation and verification testing of diverse systems for functional behaviour, compliance, performance, and interoperability. We focus on thorough product validation while optimizing the overall regression and execution time. We offer comprehensive UVM test benches with exhaustive verification environments composed of reusable components that can be used as part of an underlying methodology of constrained random, coverage-driven, verification. We proactively manage and modify the environment for individual projects and meticulously create test cases to ensure all the specifications are covered.

Automated checking, functional coverage collection, and analysis are fundamental to any reasonable verification methodology and are explicitly addressed by SystemVerilog and UVM. Maintaining checkers and a functional coverage model linking back to the verification plan results in a much-improved methodical verification. We prepare a comprehensive Verification Plan after thoroughly analyzing the clients' requirements through intimate collaboration. Verification is only complete when every item on the plan has been tested to an acceptable level. Acceptable standards and the priorities assigned to testing the various features will be agreed upon in advance and are continually reviewed during the project.

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Big Data & Data Science
Drive business transformation through data analytics

We solve big data challenges by leveraging emerging big data technologies and business intelligence tools to help clients extract actionable insights from diverse data sets generated in real-time and at a large scale. From strategy road map, tech evaluation, and proof of concept to platform customization and implementation, we help you navigate through each step of your big data journey effortlessly.

We promote Cloud-Native & Data-First culture; hence concentrate on the platforms, tools, and people to enable clients to innovate around Big-data, Data-science, Cloud, and DevOps technologies. We are experienced in building end-to-end systems for businesses involving data collection, storage, search, sharing, analytics, machine learning, and visualization. We have in-depth experience with nearly all AWS Data and ML services. We have been migrating businesses in datalake since 2012 with the then Hadoop ecosystem on AWS. We follow industry-standard best practices such as adopting a wide range of data engineering technologies, enabling the managed deployment of cloud resources through CI/CD, and building end-to-end machine learning pipelines. We offer reliable processing for real-time data streaming by developing performant, fault-tolerant ETL pipelines for real-time events at scale. Our accomplished experts can orchestrate, automate, optimise, visualise data pipeline instances in a managed reproducible way. We are experienced with most BI Services including Tableau, AWS Quicksight, Yellowfin, and Jaspersoft.

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Mobile Application Development
From concept to full-fledged app deployment

We have extensive experience in developing high-performing enterprise-class transformative mobile applications, leveraging next-gen technologies, intelligent algorithms, and modern UI. We have a highly experienced dedicated team who can provide turnkey product designs in both native Android and iOS platforms using top-notch technologies and proven approaches. We offer a full cycle of application design, development, integration, and management services. Our expert team includes in-house front-end specialists, business analysts, UX/UI experts, and designers along with skilled engineers in both Android and iOS platforms with a proven track record of enterprise service delivery.

We perform an exhaustive requirement analysis that aids us to coherently translate and streamline the business processes in a digital environment. We select the most appropriate architecture and a modern technology stack based on Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, as well as any specific components required for a project. Maintaining application security by utilizing cutting-edge security measures is one of our key strengths. In 2019, we developed a sophisticated mobile app-based communication platform for SSF (Special Security Force) that boasts a highly secure communication protocol. We also have experience in developing a national-scale PWA application that is capable of operating in low-power, low-bandwidth scenarios while maintaining enterprise-class security measures.

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Cloud Services
Provision services as needed, reduce overhead

DSi is highly experienced in developing high-value end-to-end big data environments, with machine learning and data-science technologies, particularly in AWS cloud infrastructure. We combine mobile-first design techniques with inscrutable server-side programming and rich database functionality to create high-performance enterprise cloud applications. We can optimize your current cloud solutions by consolidating infrastructures, standardizing outmoded environments, and modernizing individual resources. Our full-scope services include efficiency audits, SLA management, and oversight of all critical elements of your cloud-based business to save you time, budget, and resources.

Our cloud services provide app containerization services, abstracting operation system kernels so multiple cloud applications can perform consistently. We specialize in Docker containers, which facilitate cloud development processes, effortless remediation, and maximum scalability. We build your stack on top of the major cloud service providers and platforms to drive your business at the speed it demands. Our engineers design innovative cloud strategies by helping you choose the most relevant services from leading providers to support your business objectives. We have been migrating businesses in datalake since 2012 with the then Hadoop ecosystem on AWS. We have developed an exhaustive big data platform for real-time social-media data analysis and have extensive experience in AWS streaming. We have provided MLOps solutions to productionize ML models for different clients in cloud infrastructures.

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DevOps Services
Deliver at speed, accomplish more!

In this day and age, developing a world-class solution is synonymous with the ability to innovate with technology. Intelligent and on-point DevOps practices enable users to continuously innovate, improve and deliver quality products. Our DevOps as a service offers intimate collaboration, monitoring, automation, and cloud adoption to achieve higher efficiency and better quality of software builds. We offer CI & CD along with a continuous delivery pipeline. We take care of release management, continuous deployment, replica environment, new server setup, change management, and performance optimization on an ongoing basis. Our DevOps Managed Services can help you take advantage of AWS and Azure resources quicker with less to think about setting up, installing, and operating infrastructures on your own. Our continuous delivery toolchain enables projects to start rapidly using the latest DevOps practices from the outset.

Our team of highly experienced engineers will work with you extensively to understand and define which approach is right for your business, and to implement the right tools to get you started. We work with multiple tools as part of our DevOps practices to help with version control, testing, and automating build and deployment processing including Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, and GitHub. We have integrated automated testing deep into our DevOps processes to reduce risk and deploy in a reliable manner. We also provide round-the-clock support for your mission-critical applications, monitoring all workloads across the cloud.

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Ensure quality of design and conformance

SQA is an umbrella term that refers to a set of practices and processes that enable engineers to minimize uncertainties and maximize the predictability of the software lifecycle. We boast a dedicated team of 30+ highly skilled SQA engineers with diverse technology stack experiences across a wide range of industry verticals. Besides providing SQA support for the solutions we develop, we also provide Testing as a Service (TaaS) - conducting independent QA services for third-party apps and solutions. Through this service, we cover every aspect of quality assurance across from functionality to security.

We meticulously develop testing strategies and automation scripts specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the solution. We scrupulously follow STLC and industry-standard best practices like maintaining different versions of the Codebase(development version, QA version) on separate servers. Our exhaustive usability analysis identifies potential errors, confusing designs, and performance flaws as well as the most appropriate solution to resolve these issues. We perform comprehensive security assessments to identify system vulnerabilities, provide critical recommendations, and ensure a highly secured system. We believe in building effective partnerships with every client by developing solutions that ensure less rework, fewer variations in design, better overall performance in addition to cost savings through exhaustive SQA practices.

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Database Management
Your trusted DBA experts

Every business produces data in large quantities and it is crucial to manage and maintain the integrity of this data. With growing data, there is a growing need for the administration of databases. We provide both on-premise and remote database management services for different types of databases. We manage and maintain patch and security updates, license management and deployment for licensed databases like Oracle. But our main strength lies with the open-source databases. We provide database migration services for companies that want to shift away from licensed databases and move to an open-source alternative. We specialize in open-source databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and other types of databases like MongoDB and RethinkDB.  From design and configuration to monitoring, planning, automation, and more, our database consulting experts and certified DBAs, on-call 24/7, deliver exceptional technical competence and client responsiveness. Our DBAs take care of multiple database needs such as database integration, maintenance, monitoring, optimization, upgrade or performance tuning of your database environment. Experience professional database support through certified administrators for specific databases whether your projects are on-site, off-site, onshore or offshore. Our database maintenance services include - real-time database monitoring and tracking; database replication; database up-gradation (major, minor, and edition upgrades) database optimization; patch management; data integrity check; elimination of possible corruption of data; data model maintenance; data Dictionary maintenance; reducing downtime; ensuring faster transactions speeds; improving indexing; risk mitigation; background configuration; and performance tuning among others.

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Highly Scalable System Design
Digital Verification and Protocol Design for Semiconductor Devices

Ramp up your development efforts with our Offshore Development Team. We offer a wide array of distinct offshore development services from simple coding to complex custom software development across a broad spectrum of industry verticals. With long experience in enterprise software development and successful long-running partnerships in global markets, DSi is a proven and trusted partner who can help you to materialize your technology product ideas. Our methodologies include advanced use-case storyboarding techniques, iterative and agile development, and our multi-phase quality assurance process. Over the years, we have built our reputation of becoming a trusted offshore development center for our clients, especially in the USA.

We offer our expertise from concept to code, and development to deployment making sure the cost, time & quality of software development is optimized. By mixing technology stacks effectively, we are able to develop solutions specifically tailored to streamline your business operations and deliver value to your customers. One of our core competencies is to be able to pace up with emerging technologies and utilize them to develop an innovative architecture that remains relevant for an extended period of time. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is well-equipped with advanced IT tools and systems to get the project quickly off the ground and support remote augmentations seamlessly.