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An open source global solution for Civil Registration. On a mission to ensure that every individual on the planet is recognised, protected and provided for from birth.

National Scale Government Project for Plan International & Cabinet Division, Bangladesh. Open Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (OpenCRVS) is an open-source system supporting the digitisation of common processes for civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS). DSi has worked with Plan International as their development partner to create this open-source digital CRVS system that will work in every country and for every individual. OpenCRVS will be free and adaptable for different country contexts, designed with and for the people it serves. The software is intended to be easy to deploy and requires minimal skills for customisation, maintenance and support.

OpenCRVS will serve Bangladesh’s vast population of 17 Crore by recording six major events of a citizens life, which are -birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, and migration, along with some other events of every citizen of the country to establish a countrywide citizen database. The system stores citizen data in accordance with the Citizen Core Data Structure (CCDS), a standardised format developed by the Bangladesh Cabinet Division to foster interoperability of citizen data. The OpenCRVS system has been integrated with DHIS2, a health information system that is used by all government hospitals in the country. When a birth or death information is entered into the DHIS2 system, OpenCRVS automatically receives the information through the integration. OpenCRVS is also integrated with the NID database system which helps to further validate citizen identity and other information.

DSi has worked with Plan International Bangladesh to develop this software via a collaborative process using Agile methodology and shared tools and platforms. The project war run by the Cabinet Division of Bangladesh.

Key Features

  • Registration forms (for - birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption and migration)
  • Robust Record Searching Mechanism
  • Approval Workflow of Submissions
  • Generate Certificate for Collection
  • Multiple Language Support