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Unlocking the Power of IC Packaging

At DSi, we understand the intricate world of Integrated Circuit (IC) packaging and how it plays a crucial role in safeguarding the heart of your electronic devices. Our IC packaging services go beyond the conventional - we're here to ensure your innovations shine.

DSi Package Flow

We believe in thoroughness and precision at each stage of our package flow, ensuring your semiconductor devices are handled with care and expertise

Silicon Initiation Assistance

Kickstart your journey with our expert guidance and support.

Package Feasibility

Assess project feasibility, considering size, cost, and materials.

Package Design

Craft precise and creative packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

Package Release

Ensure a seamless transition with finalized documentation and requirements

Engineering Build

Meticulously construct packaging solutions with attention to detail.


Guarantee top-tier quality through rigorous testing and analysis.


From prototype to mass production, we deliver excellence.

Design Verification

At DSi, we ensure IC packaging integrity through rigorous design verification and comprehensive analysis.

  • We kick off our process with Sales/PM briefings to gain a deep understanding of your product.
  • Customers and back-end teams submit Package Request Forms, providing essential project details and requirements.
Package Selection 
  • Expertise guides us in choosing the right package type, size, and stack-up.
  • We consider cost implications, identify primary/secondary suppliers, and ensure all necessary tooling and materials are ready.
  • At the Kickoff stage, we confirm the completeness of project specifications.
  • We identify any required extractions/simulations and set expectations for design checkpoints.
  • Design rules are meticulously identified to ensure precision.
  • Critical IP undergoes a full review, and simulations, including thermal and mechanical aspects, are performed.
  • Our team ensures chip lead and relevant block owners approve the design.
Design Finalization
  • We complete vital documentation such as the Package Checklist, MOD for datasheets, and POD for socket integration.
  • Supplier documentation is finalized, and we attend pre-Tape out meetings to ensure everything is in place.
First Article Preparation
  • Initial substrates are ordered, with clear communication about quantity and delivery schedules.
  • We confirm the availability of all necessary tooling and materials, releasing assembly instructions before wafer arrival at the factory.
  • We allocate materials for qualification and coordinate the build.
  • Qualification reports are obtained, and we collaborate with Product Engineering for testing.
  • Any necessary follow-ups or corrective actions are addressed, and our records are updated.
Transition to Production
  • With confidence in package quality, we transition to Production.
  • We complete optimization and pre-production processes, ensuring seamless material management under the care of our Planning team.

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Chiplet Packaging: 2.5D

Chiplet Packaging: 2.5D

Robiat Rafi, IC Package Design Engineer
APB to AXI Bus Bridge

APB to AXI Bus Bridge

Ishraq Tashdid, Junior VLSI Engineer
AXI Memory Controller

AXI Memory Controller

Ishraq Tashdid, Junior VLSI Engineer

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