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RTL Design
Experience enhanced computing power like never before with our cutting-edge RISC-V processor
Performance Boost

Our microarchitecture redesign delivers faster performance for both floating-point and integer instructions.


Tailor your processor with custom instructions based on the open-source RISC-V architecture.

Efficient Data Control

Our precise data control module ensures seamless data management.

Collaborative Excellence

We work closely with our PD and other teams to guarantee flawless performance and reliability.

Optimized Design

We've optimized the pipeline and fixed RTL bugs for a reliable and efficient processor.

Bus Functional Models

Interconnect Validation: We validate interconnect designs to optimize data flow and system performance.

Design Services

Register File: Efficient and robust solutions for critical digital systems.

Interconnect Design: Seamless communication between system components.

Memory: Reliable memory design for efficient data access.


RV32G Core: We High-speed processing for various applications.

RV64GV Core: We Precision and performance for complex tasks.

Testing and Automation

Architecture Design: Customized SoC foundations for specific requirements.

Controller Design: Expertly crafted controllers for seamless integration.

Platform Level Testing: Rigorous testing to uncover issues and optimize performance.

Verification IP

APB: Ensuring compatibility and reliability for APB-based designs.

AXI4: Thorough validation of AXI designs.

AXI4 Stream: Data integrity and reliability for high-speed streaming.

I2C, SPI, UART: Comprehensive verification for communication protocols.


Memory Subsystems: High-performance data storage and retrieval.

DMA Controller: Efficient data transfers within your system.

Interconnect: Low-latency, high-throughput data connections.

Register Interface: Efficient hardware-software control and monitoring.

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Chiplet Packaging: 2.5D

Chiplet Packaging: 2.5D

Robiat Rafi, IC Package Design Engineer
APB to AXI Bus Bridge

APB to AXI Bus Bridge

Ishraq Tashdid, Junior VLSI Engineer
AXI Memory Controller

AXI Memory Controller

Ishraq Tashdid, Junior VLSI Engineer

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