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Welcome! Explore our work as we bridge the gap between hardware and software, providing innovative solutions and simulations that drive technological advancements. Here, we delve into the fascinating world of digital systems, offering insights, expertise, and solutions in these crucial areas of computer engineering. Join us on this journey through the intricate realms of firmware development, and transaction-level modeling, where we bring concepts to life and push the boundaries of what's possible in the digital landscape.
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Embedded Application Development

We have expertise in creating solutions using microcontrollers(ESP32) that utilize multiple cores and multi-threading capabilities through FreeRTOS. We provide the best performance using parallel processing and efficient handling of tasks. To conserve power, we excel in utilizing modem sleep mode when not actively processing data. We also master at using interrupts to activate the modules and trigger the connected devices ensuring a responsive and power-efficient system.

Transaction-Level Modeling (TLM)

We excel in cutting-edge System-on-Chip (SoC) designs, leveraging advanced SystemC techniques. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our use of Transaction-Level Modeling (TLM) and versatile multithreading methods, including clocked and non-clocked designs. Our services cover multicore execution units, memory systems (including BootROM and DDR), cache optimization, interrupt handling (integrating with CLINT and PLICs), and a wide range of peripherals (UART, I2C, SPI, DMA, ADC, DAC, GPIO, and Datalogger). We prioritize reliability with watchdog timers and enable seamless communication through buses.

RTL Software Simulator

At  DSI, we specialize in RTL model creation. With a strong foundation in C++ and OOP, we design and develop advanced RISC-V RTL simulators. Our expertise spans RISC-V ISA base extensions, vector extensions , supporting complex operations like matrix multiplication. We provide comprehensive support for scalar and vector modes, privileged  and supervisor modes, kernel development and multi-level caching.

Testing and Automation

We are adept at planning and developing automated test suites for the firmware system in Python, rooted in OOP concepts. These versatile suites such as FPGA and RTL targets and offer user-level customization. Our streamlined approach includes CI/CD pipelines for automated testing on commits and merge requests, accompanied by periodic regression testing for continuous validation.

Testing Framework Proficiency

We possess practical expertise in utilizing open-source RISC-V processor verification frameworks. Moreover, we have also worked to develop a custom testing framework for the RISC-V processor. Some of the testing frameworks used by us are:

  • RISC-V Vector Tests
  • RISC-V Torture Test 
  • Riscv-tests

Technologies and Tools

Cutting-edge Technologies and Powerful Tools for Innovative Solutions and Efficient Development.

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Chiplet Packaging: 2.5D

Chiplet Packaging: 2.5D

Robiat Rafi, IC Package Design Engineer
APB to AXI Bus Bridge

APB to AXI Bus Bridge

Ishraq Tashdid, Junior VLSI Engineer
AXI Memory Controller

AXI Memory Controller

Ishraq Tashdid, Junior VLSI Engineer

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