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Turn-Key Solution
Turn-key design solutions for you.
Our in-house PD flow and exhaustive checklist takes care of GDS quality for manufacturing and signoff/PPA requirement
PDK & Library Evaluation
  • PPA analysis for multiple frequencies, technology node, standard cell libraries to pick the most suitable node and constraints
  • Physical-aware
  • 3rd Party IP integration
DFT Insertion
  • ATPG and Coverage Analysis
  • ATPG Simulation
Formal Verification
  • RTL to gate-level and gate-level to post-layout LEC to ensure functional integrity
Place and Route
  • LEF/DEF Flow
    • Digital Top
    • Integration of Analog blocks
  • EDI-OA Interoperability
    • Mixed-Signal, Analog-on-top
Physical Verification
  • LVS
  • DRC
  • ERC
  • DFM
Timing Closure
  • Parasitic Extraction
  • Static Timing Analysis
  • MMMC
  • Timing ECO
  • IR-Aware
Power/IR Analysis
  • Balance power consumption and speed
Post-Silicon Metal-Only ECO
  • Smart Spare distribution in early stage to accommodate post-silicon changes in limited layers

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Chiplet Packaging: 2.5D

Chiplet Packaging: 2.5D

Robiat Rafi, IC Package Design Engineer
APB to AXI Bus Bridge

APB to AXI Bus Bridge

Ishraq Tashdid, Junior VLSI Engineer
AXI Memory Controller

AXI Memory Controller

Ishraq Tashdid, Junior VLSI Engineer

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